Fade to Whatever ZeitGeist 2012 The Space Between Us - Trailer


More producer than woman, she dedicates by daylight and muses by moonlight. When you need the job done, she's already done it. If she finds the time to sleep, her dreams are color-corrected and edited perfectly to the soundtrack.
Cassandra is a filmmaker living in the friendly city of Austin, Texas. She was raised on the Texas coast in Corpus Christi by her grandparents.
She graduated from the Art Institute of Austin with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Film and Video Production. She specializes in video editing, and is currently editing a feature documentary about the amazing story of the live action comic book Intergalactic Nemesis. She has produced many short films, and video projects, including live band events, artist workshops, and fashion shows. Her experience spans all the way from live coverage television to talk shows to feature films.